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The Department of Environmental Biotechnology focuses on all aspects of environmental microbiology concerning water quality. We work

  • on biological degradation processes for water remediation and purification,
  • on risk assessment with regard to biodegradability and ecotoxicity,
  • and on molecular biology methods for the detection of antibiotic resistant, hygienically relevant and pathogenic microorganisms.

Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Assessment of degradation potential at contaminated sites based on site data and microbiological investigations
Development of concepts for monitored und enhanced natural attenuation
Combination of microbiological and technical methods

Resource protection

Wastewater reuse and groundwater recharge
Evaluation of the biodegradability of emerging pollutants
Microbial Source Tracking

Microbiological and Chemical Analytics

Molecular biology for the detection of hygienically relevant and pathogenic microorganisms
Molecular biology for the detection of pollutant degrading microorganisms
Microbial population determination (MPN/ most probable number)
Biomonitoring and ecotoxicity
Analytics of NSO-heterocycles

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Tiehm

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