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For water supply and water use different products are used. Based on Council Directive 98/83/EC and according to the German drinking water ordinance of November, 1st 2011 in its current version materials in contact with drinking water may not reduce the protection of human health, directly or indirectly, or change the odour or taste of the water. Appropriate regulations are also found in DIN 2001-2 for non-stationary mobile facilities.

In the following sections you will find the main working areas of the Test Centre. The complete scope can be found in our accreditation certificate.

Fitness of Products and Materials in Contact with Drinking Watermore >>>

  • KTW: Guidelines and Assessment Principles of UBA
  • Enhancement of microbial growth: DVGW W 270, DIN EN 16421
  • Metal Release of Materials
  • National and International Hygienic Assessments

Water Conditioning Equipmentsmore >>>

  • Systems and Devices in Drinking Water Installations
  • UV-Devices
  • UV-Sensors and UV-Lamps

Mountings for the Drinking Water Supplymore >>>

  • Mountings for Drinking Water Installations
  • Sanitary Tapware
  • Safety of Drinking Water, Back-flow Prevention

Pipes, Pipe Joints and Tubesmore >>>

  • Distribution Systems
  • Resistance Coefficients (Zeta-Values)

Mountings for the Drinking Water Distributionmore >>>

  • Large Valves for Distribution Systems
  • Shut-off Valves, Hydrants, Control Valves and Plug Valves

Mountings for the Fire Water Systemsmore >>>

  • Valves and Fittings
  • Jet Tubes, Connecting Systems


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Systems and Devices

Materials and Hygiene

Dr.-Ing. Robertino Turković

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Dr. Jutta Eggers

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