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TZW News Issue 2 September 2013

The 2nd issue of TZW's newsletter is published. Main topics are biocides in the water cycle, requirements for metallic materials in contact with drinking water and new test methods for granular activated carbon. Furthermore, the EU-funded projects WatERP and AQUAVALENS are introduced.Read more >>>

Global Water Research Coalition's joint research project on endocrine disruption

The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) serves as a focal point for the global collaboration for research planning and execution on water and wastewater related issues. Recently, stage 2 of the EDC Toolbox 2 project started. More information is given in the project newsletter.Read more >>>

Artificial sweeteners in the water cycle

sweetenersenglishpic.jpgArtificial sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes in numerous beverages and foodstuffs. Their properties are thoroughly investigated and the consumption of these substances was proved to be safe. Due to their application they might be introduced into the water cycle predominantly through sewage treatment plants, and therefore, serve as ideal tracers for municipal waste water.Read more >>>


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