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TZW News Issue 3 September 2014

Consequences of water availability, water quality, waste water, water treatment etc. usually occur first on a local level. But strategies for solutions of many water issues often need a broader, international or even global approach. Additionally, sharing experiences and learning from each other means boosting the successful implementation of local solutions. DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser (TZW) – The German Water Centre – gained experiences by comprehensive research activities and practical consultation on projects from resource protection via water abstraction, treatment and distribution up to consumers’ tap. Because we want to share this knowledge with our international colleagues we herewith start our new series of international newsletters in which some selected focus areas are introduced. Please do not hesitate to contact us if further details are needed. Read more >>>

TZW and PUB (Singapore) signed cooperation agreement

At Singapore Water Week the cooperation agreement was signed on 2nd June 2014Read more >>>

TZW Report No. 63: Fate of dissolved organic carbon and organic trace pollutants in the artificial groundwater recharge site Lange Erlen (Basel)

Natural treatment processes like river bank filtration and artificial groundwater recharge are often used for drinking water production from surface water. With Lange Erlen in Basel as example detailed knowledge about natural treatment processes were gathered during a Ph.D thesis. Because of the international importance of this topic the report is available in English.Read more >>>

Global Water Research Coalition's joint research project on endocrine disruption

The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) serves as a focal point for the global collaboration for research planning and execution on water and wastewater related issues. Recently, stage 2 of the EDC Toolbox 2 project started. More information is given in the project newsletter.Read more >>>


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