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GWRC Board of Directors at TZW

September 22nd and 23rd TZW, which is chairing the GWRC (Global Water research Coalition) hosted a tow day strategic meeting of the Executive Directors of GWRC’s members. Read more >>>

TZW News No. 6, September 2017

TZW's international Newsletter 6 is published. In the sixth issue our UV cooperation with USA is presented. Further topics are trifluoroacetate, sensor networks, UF membranes and our Sino-German water supply network.Read more >>>

Global Water Research Coalition's joint research project on endocrine disruption

The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) serves as a focal point for the global collaboration for research planning and execution on water and wastewater related issues. The project is progressing well. More Information is given in the actual newsletter.Read more >>>

GWRC Science Brief on Microplastics in Fresh Water Resources

Microplastic pollution has been an issue in the marine research field. However, investigations on the occurrence in surface and raw waters are still in a very early stage. But discussion on its potential impact on drinking water is spread around already in the public. Members of the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) put together knowledge from their research network, which is summarized in a science brief. Read more >>>


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