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The Dresden branch was founded in 1991 with the aim of consulting and editing special issues of water supply companies in the new Laender. Along with this task the focus of the branch office is located in the area of distribution networks.

By editing and contributing to national and international research projects in conjunction with the experience of working with water supply companies, elementary knowledge about the processes of quality changes in water distribution systems were obtained. These provide the qualifications for both the development of management systems as well as for the identification of quality problems caused.

The specific research projects and practical issues are executed by our working groups “distribution networks”, “water quality” and “water treatment”. The branch office has a microbiological and chemical laboratory. For studies in the field of water distribution networks we have a model for the implementation of small-scale experimental trials available.

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Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Wricke
Wasserwerkstr. 2
01326 Dresden

Tel.: +49 (0)351 / 85211-0
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Sylvia Poldrack

Tel.: +49(0)351/85211-0
Fax +49(0)351/85211-10
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